You Don’t Know What You’re Doin’!

A surreal Merrie Melodies cartoon from 1931, featuring Piggy and his girlfriend, Fluffy, structured round a brilliant, toe-tapping jazz song. They were only in two cartoons, the other being Hittin’ the Trail for Hallelujah Land, which is no longer available because of the racist portrayal of Uncle Tom.

A great shame because I’m much taken by Piggy and Fluffy – they could have been the Rolling Stones to Mickey and Minnie’s Beatles – more anarchic, subversive, and rough round the edges, therefore much more interesting. I love the wobbly, bouncy animation style, for which there should be a portmanteau word – wouncy, bobbly?  I bet the Hays Office hated it, particularly since it was made during Prohibition.

So here’s one in the eye for the Hays Code and Prohibition: You Don’t Know What You’re Doin’!

Beautiful, tender, and unsentimental – a rare and welcome combination in poems about animals.


The Bard on the Hill


It’s late at night, and the new black dog
That’s still a pup that’s growing
Comes to my side, and he wants a lift
Into my lap for holding.

It’s strange, this act, for the new black dog
Will shy away from lifting
As if he feels that the earth below
Is then unsure and shifting.

Most times, it’s true, that we play a game
Where he, at first, shows yearning
He raises up, and he puts black paws
Against my leg, thus earning

A reach by me, and I try to lift
Him on my lap for loving
That’s when he shies, and I miss the dog –
He’s quick in backward moving.

But on this night, it’s the new black dog
Who’s still and wants the boosting
Into my lap where he curls and lies –
A place for late night roosting.

It’s late at night, and…

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Puppy Easter

It’s a bit late for Easter, but I just found it and couldn’t resist. What’s that you say? Not really the sort of thing you’ve come to expect of this blog? I know – just hate to be predictable – and I like the industrial strength cuteness, as if a soft toy went rogue and whacked you upside the head. Awww!