Apocalypse Soon: 7 Days and Counting

Those spoilsports at NASA, with their so-called “science,” have been pooh-poohing the Mayan apocalypse for a while now. And the know-it-alls have just released their gloating video a week early – we told you it wasn’t going to happen! Neener neener neener!

Clearly they’re conspiring not tell us the truth, in order to avert a panic, while the  Illuminati retreat to their nuclear bunkers. I saw it on YouTube, so it must be true.

Apocalypse Soon: 8 Days and Counting

On the Beach (1959) is probably the best and most moving film ever made about nuclear war. It’s understated, stoic, deals with the ordinary lives of ordinary people, and grants them dignity in the face of the death. The haunting theme of Waltzing Matilda threads through the film in various tones and modulations, emphasising the mood or providing a counterpoint to each scene. Quite brilliant – it never fails to make me cry.

There is a remake from 2000 to which I will not even grant a link. There should be a special circle of Hell reserved for directors who are so crass and untalented that all they can do is steal great original films and remake them as dross.

Apocalypse Soon: 13 Days and Counting

So far I haven’t showcased any of the actual conspiracy theories/theorists behind the End of the World delusion. Here, on the 13th day before Apocalypse (creepy!), is a documentary about the full panoply of dreadful things threatening our world. Brought to you by the folks at ProphecyFilm.com, a Biblically-based font of hysterical drivel.

The fact that some people are credulously consuming this crap is more depressing than any Doomsday hypothesis. That many of its proponents are cynically brainwashing the feeble-minded for profit is even more depressing.

It’s not as if there aren’t any real things that need our urgent attention.