Poetry: Bryan Reid

Catherine McCallum

Bryan Reid was the founding secretary of the Johnson Society of Australia and is a true Johnsonian, a person ‘devoted to the works and life and personality’ of Samuel Johnson and of his biographer James Boswell. Bryan is also a journalist, an author and occasional poet, and a dear friend. As far as I know, he’s not submitted any of his poetry for publication, but I think good poetry should be shared, even if it’s in a blog post!  These are two of his poems I love.

Hunting and gathering

Last night I lost adumbrate.
I thought I had it well
and truly penned, but
some time between
my second glass of wine and
my first glass of scotch
it slipped away
back into the thickets
of the Concise Oxford.
Still, I managed yesterday
to rope and tie condign and
corral paradigm, but
I just missed out on

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10 glorious and dubious Glaswegian food delicacies


Scotland is world famous for its natural food larder of soft fruit, meat, fish and peaty water to distil the water of life, and its iconic contributions to global eating and drinking. Occasionally though the Scots are also known for their unhealthy eating habits and doing ghastly things to sheep intestines and fish heads.

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TRAIN DRAMA – the fine art files.


It’s not unusual to be a little suspicious of self-proclaimed “fine art photographers”. It’s also perfectly acceptable to not give the issue much thought. Until, that is, someone contacts you offering the opportunity of hosting an exhibition in an art gallery.

So it was a matter of choosing one strong portfolio, and processing the very best images to give them the “fine art feel”. Below is a selection of dramatic photographs from – yes, again – the incredible train cemetery on the outskirts of Uyuni, Bolivia.

























































All – no, most – of these photos…

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