It Mayan’t Happen But In Case It Does

Awesome Apocalypse

Are you still there? Whew! Oh, but wait, it’s not midnight yet…at which point I will be raising a glass of Kilkerran Single Malt to celebrate our continued survival. So cheers to Us for getting through the Apocalypse, and I hope you’ll join me in the celebration with the beverage of your choice.

Coincidentally, and beautifully so, today is also the winter solstice in the North and summer solstice in the South, respectively the shortest and longest days of the year. A real time for changes and new beginnings. The big thing for me is that I’m now committed to selling my flat and moving out of Campbeltown, probably Scotland as well. I’d tell you where, but nothing is nailed down yet, and a remnant of magical thinking doesn’t want me to jinx the move. Suffice it to say that, if all goes well, Beautiful Railway Bridge will be coming from Somewhere Completely Different by my birthday in March (the 10th, since you asked). Life is too short to spend it in a place where I have failed to thrive, and been quite unhappy. It’s time for a leap in the dark, a leap of of faith that life can be good again.

Uncoincidentally – I’ve been rationing posts over the last week to make it happen – this is my 1,000th post since June 16, 2009. Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this blog, and particularly to the people I now consider friends (you know who you are). You’ve helped me find a voice when often I didn’t feel like saying anything at all, and that makes a huge difference. And you’ve opened up so many different worlds in your blogs.

Finally, a couple of photos of such a deeply disappointing apocalypse/winter solstice sunrise that I had to tart them up with some handy rushes. Fortunately, the boneyard was next door, and I got some worthwhile photos there. They will appear in due course.