Daily Photo Challenge: Escape Pod

Cold, overcast, utterly depressing day. I am getting cabin fever of the most virulent kind – the sort of thing that sends you running amok with a deadly weapon. I can’t make any plans for a couple of reasons. The consultation for my cataract operation will be anytime in the next 11 weeks, followed no doubt by a similar indeterminate time waiting for the actual operation. And the floorboards beneath the shower are rotting from a leak, but the bastard builders – the only ones in town or for miles around – won’t even give me a ballpark time for when they’ll fix it. It’s already been months.

Meanwhile I’m running out of things to photograph for the daily challenge. I’ll have to take day trips for the sake of my sanity, and to find new subjects. Hence that lovely red West Coast Motors Citylink bus. One day I’ll bust out of here and never look back. The sign will say, “926 Glasgow,” and I’ll be free of Campbeltown forever.

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