This is inspired by a comment from emaillikeunderwear, that the German word, kunst, means art, while kunststuff means plastic. ‘Nuff said, and I went haring off after appropriate images.

The painting is a detail from a vision of Hell by Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516). It’s mashed up with a detail of a plastic artifact manufactured by Encore Industr(y/ies) of Sandusky, Ohio. I found the image at Texture King, a splendid free site. I don’t usually trawl for textures, preferring to photograph my own, but this time I wanted something specific. And it must be said that I’m extremely snobbish about plastic, deeming wood, stone, metal etc, to be more “genuine.”

The result is serendipitous, combining dimensions and arcane image physics into something I’m dead chuffed with. I like how the printing and recycling logo align with and bracket the sinner’s head, while his hand reaches through the logo. Then there’s the position of the plastic depression, which says a lot about the “oh, shit!” moment in the pit of that poor bastard’s stomach.

If only they were all like this.

6 thoughts on “Kunststuff

    • It might be WordPress playing silly buggers again. It appeared in preview last night, when I cued it up for automatic posting, but this morning there was just the empty box. Other people seem to have seen it, since there are Likes. So I reposted the image and hope it stays put. Don’t quite trust WP.

  1. dunno if theres actually any relation between kunst and kunststuff by the way, just always found that interesting…

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