Is Scotland Free Yet?

This is real-time blogging. The time is 8:25 am. I’ve been up since 6:00, doing everything possible to distract my mind from seeking out the result of the Scottish Independence referendum, which should have been made public by now.

So here goes. Off to the perfidious Guardian for the news…and it’s No. Huge missed opportunity to be our own country, independent of the neo-liberal cabal at Westminster. Life will go on, but Scotland just shot itself in the foot.

Freedom Day

Otherwise known as the Scottish Independence referendum, which finally happened today after months of wall-to-wall negativity, bias, lies and pure fantasy from all three major parties and every single newspaper. Including my own dear Guardian, for which I will never forgive it.

I voted early, getting to the polling station at Victoria Hall before 7:00. First in line outside.

The next photos are of the Independence Car, and its proud owner, who I’ve seen driving round Campbeltown during the campaign.

And then I took a bus to Glasgow, because I couldn’t bear staying in the same place while the process unfolded. Part of me really doesn’t want to know the result. More tomorrow.

It’s been a long, long, lonely winter

And here comes the Sun…

It is probably not a good thing to internalise my avatar to the extent that I hibernate during the winter. Forgotten how the blog works and there has been much disgruntlement and growling. Oh, and some quite intemperate shouting. On the plus side, it’s my birthday, though at this point in my life perhaps it’s better not to be reminded.

I took this picture today, on the first walk in months that didn’t have a utilitarian purpose, just to get started. An earnest of good intentions.