The Returned

The Returned

The Returned is Channel 4’s venture into seriously creepy French horror, with subtitles, for us all to enjoy. It’s zombies, Jim, but not as we know them, as the dead start returning exactly as they were in life, with no memory of their deaths. Set in a modern Alpine town, below a reservoir where the water levels are inexplicably dropping, perhaps to reveal awful secrets in the drowned valley. Add to that a serial killer on the loose and sibling rivalry from beyond the grave, and you have gripping, must-see, appointment television. I’m hooked.

I can almost see how the idea for The Returned came about, in this imagined conversation.

What if there were twin teenage sisters competing for the same boyfriend?
That’s not very original.
Yes, but what if one twin sister was 4 years younger than the other, and dead.

Camille is the younger sister, and the first of the Returned, after dying in a coach crash 4 years previously. Others follow, trying to come to terms with their existence, as are their families, friends, and lovers. And in the background a sort of corruption is growing that might be linked to the reasons for their return. Not to mention the mysterious deaths.

Terrific stuff, and all the episodes are available on the Channel 4 Player. The haunting soundtrack is by Mogwai, a band from Glasgow.