Between Heaven and Hell (1989)

Between Heaven and Hell (1989) - Yacek Yerka

I like this mysterious Surrealist painting, by Jacek Yerka, for the juxtaposition of a feasible domestic reality with the adjoining regions of Heaven and Hell. It’s daily life in the human condition, on the cusp of eventualities we read about every day in the media. Well, Heaven is a bit far-fetched, but does falling in love, winning the Lottery, or becoming a star on The X Factor count? Hell is so much easier to achieve. Even this cosy domesticity is undermined by the strange creatures breeding beneath the sink. The cat makes it a home, sacked out on the kitchen counter, not at all worried by the erosion of this fragile world.

This is my world, without the cat to make it bearable, the reason I’m so drawn to the painting. Not so much re-arranging the deck chairs as admiring their design. Jethro Tull had something to say in 1977, at a time of similar economic disaster, about the reality Yerka’s painting illustrates. If only it were just the economy.

You can read the lyrics here.

P.S. This is the Saturday Cats series, now moved to Sundays, and without the obvious title. There will always be a cat, but it won’t necessarily be the obvious focus of  attention.