Guilty Pleasures

One of the pleasures of television is Stephen Fry, and here he is talking about his own guilty pleasures. It’s 30 minute romp through the delights of Abba, Howard’s Way, darts, Wagner, swearing, Delia Smith, Stanley Unwin, Georgette Heyer, poetry, Led Zeppellin, Countdown, and Farley’s Rusks, interspersed with clips from Fry and Laurie.

10 glorious and dubious Glaswegian food delicacies


Scotland is world famous for its natural food larder of soft fruit, meat, fish and peaty water to distil the water of life, and its iconic contributions to global eating and drinking. Occasionally though the Scots are also known for their unhealthy eating habits and doing ghastly things to sheep intestines and fish heads.

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