The Picture House Goes Dark

There’s never been much to do in Campbeltown, but at least we had a unique art deco  Picture House, which celebrated its centenary last year. It rarely showed anything except bog standard American movies, but there was a First Mondays showing each month when more out-of-ordinary films were offered. And over the summer we had simultaneous broadcasts from operas and plays in London.

At the end of August, the Picture House closed down after losing money hand over fist. With the promise of a two year refurbishment if the money can be raised. I hope so.

Campbeltown Picture House

Campbeltown Picture House celebrated its 100th birthday on May 26th, with a gala performance of The Great Gatsby, a pipe band, and fireworks over the harbour. See my prequel to the event – I didn’t blog about it at the time. Here’s a BBC news report to make amends, filmed some time after.

Wee Picture House

Campbeltown’s art deco Picture House is celebrating its centenary this year. There’s to be a gala celebration on the 26th, with a screening of The Great Gatsby, a pipe band, and fireworks over the harbour. Which reminds me, I need to get a ticket.

There are cars parked in front every time I try to photograph the building. Very frustrating. So this morning I went out early and caught the car-free worm. And very tasty it was, too.

An earlier photo, with car, but better reflections.