Deep Inside The Biggest Little Dildo Factory In America

Patriotic Dong

Natasha Vargas-Cooper tells you everything you wanted to know about the manufacture of dildos and sex toys.

The chaotic space of the main production floor looks like a meth cook’s dream: a battery of industrial-sized vats standing as they swirl and pump 100,000 pounds of synthesized chemicals into the hoses and small cook pots of 300 hair-netted employees who mostly lie to their families about what they do for a living. Rows and rows of short, squat workers — predominantly Latinas, many wearing tiny gold or silver crucifixes dangling from their necks — pour molten streams of electric green, neon blue, and milky pink rubber into copper molds shaped like crooked cucumbers, girthy cones, long twisting wands, and slender pouches with small folds at their openings. The steaming, seething rubber quickly cools inside these metal castings and is soon yanked out and plunked into giant tubs of water to harden. While the fleshy cones and waxy pouches bob and wade in their lukewarm pools, a second line of production is simultaneously grinding away in another room inside this innocuous-looking 10-building complex nestled in the grimier part of North Hollywood, 10 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Excellent journalism, peppered with some eye-watering puns. Read the rest of the article here.

The Banquet of Cleopatra (1653)

The Banquet of Cleopatra - Jacob Jordaens

A satire by Flemish painter, Jacob Jordaens. The dog in front is clearly begging for scraps. But so are the humans pressed round Cleopatra – they want sexual, political, professional, and business favours rather than food, and their need is just as great. Jordaens implies no distinction between their cravings.

The unlikely top dog among these competing supplicants is asleep on Cleo’s lap.