WordPress is bad for my blood pressure

I spent a profane hour or so with the last post. It wasn’t difficult putting it together, but I had to fight to make the text black, something that occurs from time to time, and most recently with the Poetry Parnassus series. This theme – Twenty Eleven – only offers a wimpy grey text. I want a proper, assertive, black text, so I add a snippet of html that usually does the job without any trouble.

<div style=”color:black;”>text</div>

You can also specify different colours. It only needs to go in once, bracketing the whole post. This is the extent of my html knowledge, but I may need to learn more. I’m not sure why the Poetry Parnassus posts go doolally when I add this code, which propagates throughout the post and royally screws up the formatting. When I strip it out of the text panel, switching back to visual puts it all back in again. It took over an hour fiddling with the post, and almost jumping up and down with rage, before the problem resolved itself. By which time I was bleeding from the ears. The worst part is that I don’t know what I did that eventually fixed it.

Has anybody had this or a similar problem with WordPress? Looks like I’ll have learn html.

Putrid Poetry Award

As threatened promised, here is the Beautiful Railway Bridge Award for Putrid Poetry. This version is suitable for proud recipients to display in their posts. The detail would be lost on a sidebar, so I’m designing a simpler version for there.

ayaladn and John McCallum (see Putrid Poetry: A Wee Ballad), you can now right-click the image and resize it for your blogs, and many thanks for kicking off this award. Please note that you do not have to wait for me to nominate your blog for this prestigious honour. If you already know you are a putrid poet, download the award, and/or pass it on to your deserving colleagues. Indeed, if you don’t wish to receive the award, I am open to bribery. An envelope stuffed with cash will do nicely. Unfortunately, Beautiful Railway Bridge is unable to accept credit cards at this time.

And here is the sidebar version, weighing in at 201 x 76 pixels, but also resizable.

Dotty Headbanger Award

I’m surprised and delighted to receive the Dotty Headbanger Award For Being Mental & Loving It. Recipients are awarded this honour for partaking of Dotty’s blog, Notes From A She-Hermit, which reaches parts other blogs don’t even know exist. Think of it as an unbirthday present, where you give presents on your birthday. That way you also get them all year round.

I am particularly pleased because in over 3 years of blogging at Beautiful Railway Bridge nobody has ever given me an award. Did I mind? No, ever so ‘umble, me. But to be suddenly recognised has put the spring back into Beautiful Railway Bridge’s girders, and I think we’re good for at least another hundred years before blowing down in a gale and causing great loss of life.

Remember, you too may be so honoured, simply by visiting Dotty’s blog and embracing your inner mentalness. You know it makes sense.


Worry not. I am upgrading to Twenty Eleven, the latest standard theme of WordPress, which seems to offer more possibilities of customisation. Unfortunately there are some unintended consequences. Bear with me – If I can’t get it how I like it, we’ll be back to Twenty Ten before the day is out. As always, feedback is welcome.

Hours later…Think I can live with this. Quite like the font, even though it looked a bit skinny to begin with, but it’s grown on me. What I really wanted was American Typewriter. Still have to beef up the font colour to a proper black by adding html code to each post. Grey is far too tasteful.

The downside is that the theme puts a border round images, including my signature bear at the bottom of each post. I can get round it by designating a post as “Image,” but it appears differently on the blog and sets up an artificial distinction between words and images. So rather than see my inner bear caged, I will remove it from the posts by and by – let it roam free in the woods. If there was another way of making a small post signature without a border, I’d do it. If there are any Twenty Eleven users out there who know how, please let me know.

Now then, new posts beckon. Allons-y!

A New Look for Beautiful Railway Bridge

I hope you like the new look I’ve given Beautiful Railway Bridge. Not actually a different theme, but a different header and background, plus the short back and sides I gave the sidebar. The header shows the Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay looking particularly Beautiful. This is the second bridge over the Tay, the first one blowing down in a storm on “the last Sabbath day of 1879.” William McGonagall – my Muse and Spirit Guide – saw both being built, and wrote about both, most notably in The Tay Bridge Disaster. Here is Billy Connolly reading it in a blizzard on Dundee Law.

The background is one of the Great Man’s manuscripts, appropriately enough, Bonnie Dundee. Beautiful penmanship! This background feels absolutely right and fits beautifully both with the header and McGonagall’s founding influence on this blog. My only qualm is that Mcgonagall’s words might be a visual distraction from reading the words in the posts. I wanted the images to be more prominent, but not detract from the words.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

Less Is More

You might have noticed the sidebar’s had a haircut. It’s been growing ever since I started this blog over 3 years ago – that long? – and become thoroughly tangled and unmanageable. So it was due for a rethink, particularly since I couldn’t find a proper place for links to pseudopods of Beautiful Railway Bridge. I’ve kept the culled sidebar items in case I want them again, and will use some of them in pages of their own.

You’ll notice 2 icons near the top – Beautiful Railway Bridge @ Blogger and ditto @ G+. The first goes to a gallery of my art and photographs, and the second to a page at Google+, where I’ll also post them and other related stuff. In addition, further down the sidebar is a Google+ icon that links to my usual G+ posts.

This is a sort of mental preparation for tomorrow, when I must tackle laundry and clean the flat. I will be mostly offline, just posting the usual Blasphemy for the Day and a photo.

Back on Monday with some proper posts. See you then.

Beautiful Railway Bridge Grows a Pseudopod – Hurrah!

I spent a large part of the day building an archive for the growing collection of ArtyFakts. I’ll still post them here, but you will find the collection at Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay @ Blogger. Well, not immediately – only one post so far – and it will take a while to get everything moved in. The Blogger address is the old home of this blog, with which I got so irritated that I went off in a snit. Even as I fixed it up for the new occupants, I was getting irritated again with what it can’t or won’t do, though it works well for images. I like the template a lot.

As for navigation, there’s an ArtyFakts icon on the sidebar that takes you there, and a Beautiful Railway Bridge @ WP icon to return. The icon here is not well-placed, partly because the sidebar is such a shambles – the blog just grew and now the sidebar is sprawling all over the place with not much logic to it. That’s the trouble with cleaning one part of something, the rest looks shabby by comparison. I’ll be having a rethink about what to keep and where to place it.

So please visit Beautiful Railway Bridge’s more salubrious brother, the Jekyll to this blog’s Hyde. Any constructive feedback or thoughts about either blog will be welcome.