Hannibal Lecter is eating your brains…

I always knew on an intuitive level that multitasking makes you stupid, and here is the data behind it. The dopamine release, as I click quickly from one task to another, explains why I can spend hours on the internet without doing anything really useful. YouTube alone, even when I start with the purest of intentions to find a clip for a blog post, is the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. That said, this infographic tends to the sensational, as least as much as me conflating excessive internet usage with providing a tasty snack for Hannibal the Cannibal. I can see the Daily Mail headline now – Using the internet gives you Alzheimers! Sound advice, though, and always remember that tafelmusik aids the digestion.

Digital Stress and Your Brain
Via: OnlineUniversities.com

Creature Comforts

I know that I recycled the title from an earlier post, but it’s too good to waste.  And this one has the splendid Isabella Rossellini playing a major role.  She dresses up in a variety of fetching costumes and has sex with human-sized model animals, while using the correct anatomical terms to explain what’s happening.

That’s the idea behind Green Porno and Seduce Me, two series of short films from Sundance Channel, exploring the mating rituals of animals.  It’s a winning combination and quite puts David Attenborough out of the running.

Spoiled for choice as to what clip to share with you, but I think the duck episode has the best lines.  After all, how often do you hear, “I can discombobulate the phallus”?  Brilliant stuff.