Red in Tooth and Claw

Tuesday will be television day. Here are songs from the best satirical puppet show since Spitting Image. Come to think of it, probably the only satirical puppet show since Spitting Image, at least on British television.

Mongrels was a production of BBC Three, a ghetto in which the Corporation exiled the worse dregs of its unreality shows and the best of its innovative new comedies and controversial dramas. Schizophrenic doesn’t come close to describing it. Unfortunately the BBC is now in a moral funk, and all the good stuff has gone.

So welcome to the world of Mongrels, and meet Nelson (a metrosexual fox), Vince (his unregenerate, racist cousin), Marion (a very stupid cat), Destiny (a spoiled Afghan hound), and Kali (an aggressive pigeon). They all live behind a pub in the East End.