Dear Daily Mail

Mondays shall be music day in my quest for features on Beautiful Railway Bridge. And let’s start off with a bang. You might recall the Daily Mail’s sterling coverage of this year’s Glastonbury Festival, where it ignored Amanda Palmer’s music and focused entirely on a stray boob.

Her splendidly robust riposte is this song, dedicated to the Daily Mail, and first performed at the Roundhouse in London. Persons of a delicate disposition should probably not watch this video.

Lego Brecht

An Australian(?) school assignment covering the life of Bertolt Brecht, and his concept of epic theatre. I’m a huge fan of Brecht, particularly in his collaboration with composer Kurt Weill, but I never did bother my head about the ideas behind epic theatre.

This enterprising student has filled the gap in my knowledge in the most entertaining way – with the use of Lego animation. I hope he got an A for this project.

Here’s an example of the inspired Brecht/Weill collaboration – Lotte Lenya singing Pirate Jenny from The Threepenny Opera.

Open to many different translations. I’m torn between Marianne Faithfull’s lipsmacking English version and this one by Amanda Palmer.