You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

As Joni Mitchell so aptly sang. I almost lost Beautiful Railway Bridge due to forgetting the renewal date for the domain. Then, when I thought the payment had gone through, those bastards at Barclays blocked the card payment because it was international. Welcome to the global economy, chaps!

So today, after being notified by email, followed immediately by a phone call from their fraud prevention unit, I was off on a roller coaster of rage, anxiety, and much profanity. It involved a long phone call to exotic India, and back again, before the card was unblocked and I could make the payment. Don’t even want to think about what that call cost.

My blood pressure is settling down a bit now. Having suffered so much, it would be stupid not to start posting again.

Whither Beautiful Railway Bridge?

In the spirit of the first ever Monty Python (see the whole wonderful episode below) I have been pondering shallowly on where I can take Beautiful Railway Bridge.

After such long absence it’s hard to get traction again, particularly since I’ve always relied on arbitrariness, serendipity, and the kindness of strangers. So the idea is to make Beautiful Railway Bridge a bit more structured, with regular features as well as improvisation. Not sure where I’m going yet, but photography has to be one of the main girders. I’m resurrecting the Daily Photo Challenge as a way of getting started, even though it can be a rod for my own back. Finding new subjects, or new ways of looking at old ones, in a one horse town is definitely a challenge.

Next up are this morning’s photos.