Is Scotland Free Yet?

This is real-time blogging. The time is 8:25 am. I’ve been up since 6:00, doing everything possible to distract my mind from seeking out the result of the Scottish Independence referendum, which should have been made public by now.

So here goes. Off to the perfidious Guardian for the news…and it’s No. Huge missed opportunity to be our own country, independent of the neo-liberal cabal at Westminster. Life will go on, but Scotland just shot itself in the foot.

5 thoughts on “Is Scotland Free Yet?

  1. As a fellow-Celt, I was rather disappointed by the result too. It was great though to see everyone so politically engaged. Highest turn-out in the UK since 1951, now if only this could be sustained for General Elections, what a different government we might have…

    • You’re right. The level of political engagement was phenomenal. I think Labour will suffer badly in Scotland at the next general election as a result of their betrayal.

      So we get the consolation prize of more devolved powers, or perhaps not, depending on the difficulty of getting the Con/Lib/Labs to agree on anything like their vague promise. I’m not holding my breath.

      • So strong SNP showing at next election? No-one’s going to want to vote for Tories, and the Liberals haven’t fared well under Con-Lib pact.

        Think this new version of mini devolution for Wales / Northern Ireland / English cities doesn’t look good though, seems to be being rushed through with not much thought. A bit more time to think and then more devolution (as Wales should have had ages ago) seems a better option.

  2. I got up about 5 and was back in bed by about half past, despondent. Such promise & excitement- hopefully that level of engagement can be maintained, although I can only see disillusionment with Westminster growing. Keep on keeping on 😃

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