Freedom Day

Otherwise known as the Scottish Independence referendum, which finally happened today after months of wall-to-wall negativity, bias, lies and pure fantasy from all three major parties and every single newspaper. Including my own dear Guardian, for which I will never forgive it.

I voted early, getting to the polling station at Victoria Hall before 7:00. First in line outside.

The next photos are of the Independence Car, and its proud owner, who I’ve seen driving round Campbeltown during the campaign.

And then I took a bus to Glasgow, because I couldn’t bear staying in the same place while the process unfolded. Part of me really doesn’t want to know the result. More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Freedom Day

  1. Well, close but no cigar. I would have voted with you, but what do I know? Maybe it will improve things for Scotland? At least it gave England a jolt. Cheer up! We’re thinking of you over here.

    • Australia has its independence – I envy you that – though it doesn’t guarantee the sort of government you want. I had hoped for Scottish independence in my lifetime, but it looks like I’ll have to hang on a few years longer than anticipated.

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