Chaps in Dresses

Spot the difference between Conchita Wurst, currently being reviled for offending Russian prejudices sensibilities and…

Conchita Wurst
…some of Putin’s chums.

Vladimir_Putin_with_bishops_of_Russian_Orthodox_ChurchMoscow has banned a parade in honour of the Austrian winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest on the grounds that “it would provoke clashes between ‘gays and their opponents'”. Heartwarming to see the authorities are mindful of the danger to gay Russians from a homophobic society, or even those who champion the right to freedom of speech and assembly.

I usually avoid the Eurovision Song Contest, but here is Conchita Wurst’s winning number. If it gets Putin’s knickers in a twist, then it gets my vote.

1 thought on “Chaps in Dresses

  1. Awesome! Love the beard-and-frock combo, I may have to use the look in a painting some day 😀 I rather fear the intention is to ultimately look completely like a girl and loose the beard, which would be a shame, but there you go. Lovely eyes he has too… or do i say she.?.. so hard to know!

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