It’s been a long, long, lonely winter

And here comes the Sun…

It is probably not a good thing to internalise my avatar to the extent that I hibernate during the winter. Forgotten how the blog works and there has been much disgruntlement and growling. Oh, and some quite intemperate shouting. On the plus side, it’s my birthday, though at this point in my life perhaps it’s better not to be reminded.

I took this picture today, on the first walk in months that didn’t have a utilitarian purpose, just to get started. An earnest of good intentions.

7 thoughts on “It’s been a long, long, lonely winter

  1. Hi Paul,

    How are you? I am watching the Great Train Robbery, it is in two parts so saw Part One last night, they pulled off the heist and got a lot more money than they bargained for, now they are on the lam and wondering what to do with all that money! I will watch Part Two this evening.

    My job is finishing (being made redundant…). But anyway, do hope to get to Britain early this summer, maybe in June. It would be nice to meet, I may see about staying in the hostel in Kessick in the Lakes District, if it still exists still, the hostel not the Lakes…

    Do you ever wonder if you have a hearing loss from when we used to blow up balloons and they would pop in our faces? eh? what did you say? pardon? Take care Paul, drop a line when you can.


    Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 22:22:45 +0000 To:

    • Hi Margaret, thanks for the birthday greetings and this belated reply. I’m catching up with stuff, a permanent condition in my life. Thank you also for the LinkedIn invitation, which I’m guessing was from you. I’ll email you about that.

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