The 2014 calendar is for sale!

I bought last year’s calendar for myself and for Christmas presents. A beautiful, subversive, and unique calendar by a proper artist.

Art by Nancy Farmer

Actually it has been for sale for some time, but it has just occurred to me that I have not actually put it on the blog, sorry!

“A Medusa for All Seasons”

12 prints inspired by the passing of the months

Price: £12 each or £9.50 each if you buy more than one calendar at a time
I have also discounted postage (see below) so that shipping is free on a single calendar within the UK. Postage is charged in all other cases, but the booklet format of this calendar means it is exactly the same size as last year’s when hung on the wall, but costs half of what last year’s cost to post!

If you have any questions do please email me.

The images in 2014’s calendar are reproductions of a series of 12 intaglio prints inspired by the passing of the months, and all featuring Medusa…

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