Happy Autumnal Equinox

My favourite time of year, when the equinoctial winds flush out the stagnant air of summer and the world feels like it’s turning again. A couple of photos to get started again after falling somewhat by the wayside. At least I have a cunning plan for the future of the blog. Let’s hope its better than Baldrick’s…

Fresh today. I like this for the concatenation of sharp roof angles, combined with the colours, against the sky.

I don’t usually mess with HDR effects because I don’t know enough to use them properly, and badly used they’re just gimmicky. But the colours, shapes, and textures here seemed to call for it.

11 thoughts on “Happy Autumnal Equinox

    • I should probably have dialed back on the HDR a bit. It looked better on the desktop. This is why I’m wary of it. The cunning plan is basically a preset feature/subject for each day – music on Mondays, for instance – combined with a daily picture and some words. That’s the hard part, to find something fresh each day, hence the feature thing as a kind of kick up the arse to get me moving. And I want to get into television reviews again.

      As I said, possibly a touch of the Baldrick there.

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