A daily photo challenge is harder than it sounds, given that I seem to have run out of subjects within walking distance of my flat. You can only take so many photos of the same thing before it gets boring. So I’m grateful for this fine, handsome, disused distillery building. And surprised, because I didn’t know it was there.

8 thoughts on “Distillery

    • The buggers! Cutting off the article just when the hook was irrevocably embedded in my brain. Our only surviving distillery does tours so I might take a look at what goes on in these places. A subscription to the New Yorker might also be worth it if only for the cartoons – love the cartoons – and that story.

      • Yes, the paywalls are a force. Oh, well. But if you do get a sub., you get access to all the NYr articles forever and a day, for what that might be worth. If you take that distillery tour, would be interested in seeing a post and pics from it, if at all possible.

  1. Great Building. It’s abandoned? What a waste. I may try to do photo a week ( a day is too ambitious) I put up those photos from around the block. (from my trip to the market) I liked having my camera with me. I may start to take it everywhere.

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