Agony in Ardrossan

We have a new ferry service for the summer months, from Campbeltown to Ardrossan on the mainland, operating from Thursday to Sunday. The schedule makes it completely impractical for real life, and not very useful for the tourist trade either. Weirdly, it’s more efficient at taking people away from Campbeltown than it is in bringing visitors here.

The only day return offered is on Fridays, so I went out on the inaugural voyage last Friday, planning to make a day of it and take lots of pictures.

I’d forgotten about the sunburn. After this long, wet, windy winter, I’d forgotten that I crisp in the sun like a vampire, going from white to lobster red in a couple of hours. And I was there for 8 hours, trying to keep out of the sun, but hampered by the lack of shady places in which to legitimately loiter. There weren’t even any trees.

These photos reflect an unwillingness to explore while my head is on fire. In other circumstances I might have liked the place. I’m also less than enthused about the gallery and slideshow options in WordPress, but thought I’d try the slideshow since there are so many photos. Ease of access means less width than I prefer – 640 pixels for everything, landscape and portrait.

By the way, I’m peeling well now, thanks for asking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

13 thoughts on “Agony in Ardrossan

  1. Great photos and I love the captions, particularly the monument to someone who everyone has forgotten about. 🙂
    Glad to hear you are peeling well!

      • I have a social fear. Borderline agoraphobia. It’s not crippling but i find it hard to step outside my home for anything less than a necessity and even then I have psyche myself up for the trip. I guess I wish going out to take pictures and enjoy the spring in New York City was more of a necessity. Maybe one day it will be.

      • Don’t mean this to sound depressing but I don’t have any friends. Everyone I knew before the drugs has moved away. Everyone I knew while I was doing drugs is dead or in jail & I haven’t left my house in years, so the only friends I have made are online. But on Saturday I took my camera to the grocery store. Took a few pics on the way. Nothing amazing but I may post them anyway.

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