A Campbeltown Dog’s Breakfast

Sometimes I end up with a collection of photos, taken on the same day, that I’d like to post but there’s no obvious theme. So here’s my photographic dog’s breakfast for May 15, displayed in the order taken. Since there’s no snappy title for the collection, I’ll break with laziness tradition and give them captions.

Let’s at least start with something picturesque. My tastes usually run to the zymoglyphic.

Campbeltown Museum and council offices.

Outside the Royal Bank of Scotland. I’ve been walking past the lovely flaking paint and rusty railings for years. That day I finally photographed them.

The breech of a Victorian artillery weapon, outside Campbeltown Heritage Centre. Much the worse for wear.

Close up. I’m fascinated by the colours and patterns of rust.

I came across this wooden framework round the side of the Heritage Centre. The central panel retained water and created a microenvironment, as well as giving a reflection. You might recognise it – I used that element to make Seen Through A Glass Darkly.

I like the red railings stepping up the road by the side of the Heritage Centre.

And back to the picturesque. I’m taken by the way the ivy starts out from one spot, then spreads out until it covers the top of the wall.

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