Seen Through A Glass Darkly

Seen Through A Glass DarklyThis is the 3rd version of The View from yesterday, which started life as Windows, and is now once more renamed. I decided not try a different tint for each panel, since I wanted the vegetation at the bottom not to be overwhelmed as a visual element. And it’s difficult – I don’t have the skill yet to do it well. So I went for an HDR effect, something I don’t often use because it feels too gimmicky, but in this case it brings out the inherent colour and detail without adding anything extra. I also took out the text in the 2nd iteration and used it, slightly altered, as the title. I felt that the verticals should be as uncluttered as possible, and text would distract from the details revealed by the HDR.

I like this latest version. It has a Van Goghian starry starry nights feel to it. Right, I’m putting this down now and doing something else. I get so absorbed in playing with photographs that hours pass without my noticing.

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