The Weeping Chandelier

Weeping Woman - Picasso (1937)

A collaboration between two of my favourite bands and one of my favourite writers and artists.

The Kronos Quartet are passionate advocates of the sort of modern music that many people find difficult because it’s so different from classical music. I think it’s exhilarating and exciting – takes me places no other music can reach. Here they are  taking Purple Haze to places it’s never been before either.

The Tiger Lillies are a brilliantly evil, yet sometimes surprisingly tender, punk cabaret band. Like the crew member assigned to an Away mission in classic Star Trek, if you’re in their song then you’re doomed to a horrible death. Here they are in a reflective mood.

And finally to Edward Gorey, whose surreal stories and illustrations have a transportative effect similar to the bands above. The Weeping Chandelier, set to music.

4 thoughts on “The Weeping Chandelier

  1. Excellent stuff! I adore Edward Gorey too, and you’ve reminded me I must dig out his books while I’m packing up and scan some of my favourite illustrations, especially the ballerinas.

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