Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!

Cat - Philip Absalon
This splendid action picture is by Philip Absolon a Stuckist painter. They’re a rebel art movement, dedicated to overthrowing the conceptual art establishment, as represented by the Turner Prize, in favour of figurative art. Here is the Stuckist Manifesto, which contains some interesting and radical ideas. The name is taken from the jibe by Tracey Emin, whose My Bed epitomises everything non-conceptual artists, and much of the general public, hate about conceptual art:

Your paintings are stuck, you are stuck! Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!

I can’t be so doctrinaire, either way, because I don’t know what I’m talking about. More to the point, I’m one of those dreadful people who Know What They Like, a group that’s often conflated with philistine Little Englanders. In my case, when the wind’s in the right direction, I can like pretty much anything – only the work matters and the labels are unimportant.

Here is an entertaining video of the two factions going at each other hammer and tongs. I love an Art Fight.

3 thoughts on “Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!

      • Yeah, I’m wholly with them on their principles, I just wish the fellow representing them wasn’t so lame… his main argument seemed to be that modern art was cynical, which is fair, but I’m not sure if that disqualifies it from being art. What mostly disqualifies it in my view (and probably that of the general public) is that it’s lacking in craft and aesthetics and skill. Art should be a well-made thing of beauty, even if it is disturbing, or intentionally ugly, it still ought to have an aesthetic content and an aspect of craft. Anyway, just my view… I wanted the fellow to put his arguments better! Faced with Paxman perhaps his brain just turned to jelly!

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