Cosmic Attraction (2011)

Cosmic Attraction (2011) - Paul du ToitPaul du Toit is a South African outsider artist. Because it’s “created outside the boundaries of official culture,” such art can break all the rules and take you to really unexpected places. This picture, for instance. I love the way he’s captured the essence of attraction in the red-headed figure, all wide-eyed and turned around in what looks like a cinema seat but is also its body. On the surface, though, the object of Red’s attraction looks distinctly unpromising. Green is decidedly freaked out by what it’s seeing. Perhaps the film is particularly gut-wrenching. Thing is, you can look at this painting and imagine pretty much anything. It isn’t freighted with a hallowed artistic meaning.

I should add a disclaimer – I don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s to say, I know much less about art than I do about books or film, despite dropping out of a Fine Arts course and taking a few art appreciation classes. The art on this blog is my attempt to see what’s out there and understand it better.

Here’s du Toit talking about his work.

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