6 thoughts on “Stoned: Colourful tombstones and other oddments in Campbeltown Cemetery

    • Honestly didn’t think they’d turn out as well, standing out in that slightly surreal way. The light wasn’t brilliant, so the coloured tombstones and grass may be reflecting camera flash, which worked to my advantage this time. Then there’s the I’m Feeling Lucky button in Picasa, which fixes light and colour. Very happy with the result.

    • These are from the 1800s, so at least as old as some Australian ones. It’s the climate, and probably pollution, makes them look older. Odd thing about the sense of history, it fills the time available. When I lived in Seattle, which was founded in the 1850s, the older buildings were chock full of the stuff. There’s even an underground city.

      • Really? An underground city. We saw the most fascinating program on the old city under Edinburgh. Amazing. Re Campbeltown, I tried to make out the dates on the headstones but I just assumed they were older. I love old headstones. Now I’m signing off for the year. Have a happy Dr Who Christmas! We look forward to more from you next year.

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