Daily Photo Challenge: Glasgow (11 Dec, 2012)

These are photos from yesterday, when I went to Glasgow. Even with a bus journey of 4 hours out, 4 hours back, and only 5 hours there, it’s worth it to get the hell out of Campbeltown. I could happily live in Glasgow – it has style, pizzazz, energy, and there’s plenty to do and see.

I walked along the Clyde in the opposite direction from the last excursion, then took refuge in the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) from the sub-zero temperatures outside. Thought I’d died and gone to Heaven, an unlikely destination for this atheist. Everything I wanted in an art gallery – glorious neo-classical building, with the interior renovated to complement and display modern art. And they let you take photos! So I did, in a kind of blissed-out zen state. I would have posted these pictures today, but for one thing.

There was a smudge on the lens. It must have happened while photographing outside, and I didn’t see it until I uploaded them on the computer. I was gutted, as they say in football. Fortunately, the exhibits are long-running, so I can go back.

Here are a few of the photos I took outside.

Glasgow #1

Glasgow #2

Glasgow #3

Glasgow #4

Glasgow #5

Glasgow #6

Glasgow #7

6 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Glasgow (11 Dec, 2012)

  1. Really interesting! I’ve never been to Glasgow but Scotland is on our list when the skies open up and money rains down upon us, while pigs fly past.

    • Those pigs are a bit tardy, and the last time I had my fortune told, the weather forecast was gold doubloons. Glad you like the photos – I plan on going back to GoMA soon, with hopefully a better camera. You would have loved it.

  2. Great pics- I’m looking forward to seeing the arty ones. We have family on the east coast, so only ever drive through Glasgow, with heads spinning, always threatening to actually visit some time 🙂

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