Daily Photo Challenge: Glasgow (11 Dec, 2012)

These are photos from yesterday, when I went to Glasgow. Even with a bus journey of 4 hours out, 4 hours back, and only 5 hours there, it’s worth it to get the hell out of Campbeltown. I could happily live in Glasgow – it has style, pizzazz, energy, and there’s plenty to do and see.

I walked along the Clyde in the opposite direction from the last excursion, then took refuge in the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) from the sub-zero temperatures outside. Thought I’d died and gone to Heaven, an unlikely destination for this atheist. Everything I wanted in an art gallery – glorious neo-classical building, with the interior renovated to complement and display modern art. And they let you take photos! So I did, in a kind of blissed-out zen state. I would have posted these pictures today, but for one thing.

There was a smudge on the lens. It must have happened while photographing outside, and I didn’t see it until I uploaded them on the computer. I was gutted, as they say in football. Fortunately, the exhibits are long-running, so I can go back.

Here are a few of the photos I took outside.

Glasgow #1

Glasgow #2

Glasgow #3

Glasgow #4

Glasgow #5

Glasgow #6

Glasgow #7

6 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Glasgow (11 Dec, 2012)

    • Those pigs are a bit tardy, and the last time I had my fortune told, the weather forecast was gold doubloons. Glad you like the photos – I plan on going back to GoMA soon, with hopefully a better camera. You would have loved it.

  1. Great pics- I’m looking forward to seeing the arty ones. We have family on the east coast, so only ever drive through Glasgow, with heads spinning, always threatening to actually visit some time 🙂

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