Britain’s top Boy Band, No Direction, have revealed to Gfb’s Showbusiness Editor, Matt Finish that their new single  “Fuck The Poor” is set to top the Christmas Charts.

The band, currently in Manchester spitting on the disabled, are confident that their harder “urban” sound will win over new fans. As David “Cotswold Crib Mudafucker” Cameron explained, “We is getting street level bro, y’get me? An’ bashin’ da poor is where we is at innit? Polish the brogues please Fotheringham.”

The band, are hoping to capitalise on the success of their last single “London Inter Bank Offer Rate Blues” which topped the charts in June. Or so we think as nobody believes the sales figures.

The band’s spokesman George “Charlie Up De ‘Ooter” Osbourne, said “We are really excited about this single. It’s really ballsy. Not like that fat prole Ed Balls though. I hate him. He smells. And he’s fat. Mind you I bet…

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