3 thoughts on “Saturday Cats: Baxter & the Books

    • Anything with cats, fish, and mice in it. Baxter particularly enjoys the drawings of B. Kliban and Ronald Searle, but thinks Garfield is a ridiculous travesty of a cat. She was extremely miffed when that Mr Eliot left her out of his Book of Practical Cats. Every year she wants to go to the Nutcracker because Clara and the Nutcracker Prince obviously need some help with the mouse army.

      Does Baxter read my blog? She never admits to it, but I suspect her of having a sneak peek. I think she has a blog in mind, called Baxter on Safari, which would be a record of her hunting trophies, some of which she used to present to me with an air of great pride. Or, for that extra element of surprise, in my shoe.

      Baxter, like any sentient being, knows that some Works of Great Literature should be fended off with a barge pole. So no War and Peace or Finnegan’s Wake, along with dimmer flickerings such as The Da Vinci Code. She is a fan of Moby Dick because it has all those scrummy fishy bits. In this regard, she is better read than me. And Rhett Butler’s declaration – “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” – is right up her street.

      I miss her, my other cats, and Seattle, hugely.

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