Apocalypse Soon: 13 Days and Counting

So far I haven’t showcased any of the actual conspiracy theories/theorists behind the End of the World delusion. Here, on the 13th day before Apocalypse (creepy!), is a documentary about the full panoply of dreadful things threatening our world. Brought to you by the folks at ProphecyFilm.com, a Biblically-based font of hysterical drivel.

The fact that some people are credulously consuming this crap is more depressing than any Doomsday hypothesis. That many of its proponents are cynically brainwashing the feeble-minded for profit is even more depressing.

It’s not as if there aren’t any real things that need our urgent attention.

2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Soon: 13 Days and Counting

  1. OMG! apparently the end of the world will be preceded by wars and famines and earthquakes. Well who’d a thought it! Never had that stuff before now. I’m afraid I was so convinced I didn’t need to listen to more than about 30 seconds so I didn’t get to be ‘proven by scientists’ bit.

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