TED Talks: David Christian on Big History

A weekly post featuring talks by innovative thinkers, sponsored by TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). This is what the internet was made for – to allow challenging ideas to escape from their academic ghettoes and hang out in a place where they can talk to each other.

David Christian is an historian of big history, the overarching narrative of the universe. He takes us on an 18 minute canter from the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago, to the present. It’s all about defying entropy by building complexity, in which Goldilocks Zones can appear that support life. Then more complexity in which that life is complicit. This is an accessible potted history, bringing all the strands together to make us feel ridiculously knowledgable without actually knowing much at all. A very good blurb on the jacket of an extremely complex book.

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