Apocalypse Soon: 18 Days and Counting

I hope you hadn’t forgotten. As a public service, I will be posting daily reminders and cheering videos to help make the most of the Ante-Apocalypse. Remember, now is the time to make peace with the gods of your choice, find some gods pretty damn quick if you’re atheists, and generally get your affairs in order.

I intend to clean my flat, get the rotting floorboards under the shower fixed, redecorate, shout at my ISP until I get a blazing fast internet, go on a diet, have the cataract operation, lose weight, get fit, acquire a cat, build a honking great library, fall in love, and tell the people I already love that I love them. And that’s not even counting the travel. I want to pop my clogs knowing there was everything to lose. Apocalypse might have to be postponed.

If I did manage to do all this, and the world actually did end, I’d be really pissed off.

Here’s a cheerful video to kick off the countdown.

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