Saturday Cats: Cat on a Roof

Cat on a Roof - Fernando Botero

This splendid beast is by Fernando Botero (b. 1932), a Colombian figurative artist. I love the way he stands foursquare, King of the Rooftops, with that don’t mess with me look in his eyes and tail huge as a plume of smoke.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Cats: Cat on a Roof

  1. Your cats confirm my status as a dog lover. This one reminds me that even though I’ve had the occasional fond cat in my life, I just can’t take to them as to dogs. Post some dogs! Terrific art, though.

    • Oh, Catherine! Lovely to hear your mini rages! I have a rottie and I swear, the rounded edges and the colours here make this cat a rottie, if only in her soul.

    • I love dogs, too. Grew up with them, they make me smile, and there’s no side to them. But I find cats more interesting, precisely because they’e beautiful, complex, self-interested animals we’ve decided to domesticate and anthropomorphise. The cuteness is less interesting, which is why you won’t see any lolcats on Saturday Cats.

      Dog posts? I’m trapped in my alliterative scheme of weekly features, but I will post some. Weimaraners, now…

  2. My cat is a rottie too but in more than her sole I can be stroking her to the tune of purs then she bites me and goes back to purrs

    • We had a cat like that when I was growing up – Monty was his name, from the famously bad tempered Field Marshal in WWII. The little bugger bit me on the bum as I was getting out of the shower.

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