Rumble Rumble Discontent…

I am not best pleased with this internet thingy right now. Beautiful Railway Bridge at Blogger, the art and photography gallery, went doolally over the last couple of days. I could get to the dashboard, even make posts, but the stupid bloody internet couldn’t find the blog. Unavailable due to “network errors.” I only found out where the problem lay by using the Library computer, where I discovered that some interfering, busybody organisation called Websense has been filtering out my site. I sent them an email, discovered that they couldn’t get an IP from the blog name, and that had something to do with how they classified the blog. This was the upshot.

The site you submitted has been reviewed and assigned the following category: – Blogs and Personal Sites

Categorization updates should be reflected in the next scheduled database publication, and will be available shortly to Real-Time Updates subscribers.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? We shall see.

The other thing contributing to my disgruntlement is the appalling slowness of my internet service. Sometimes it positively trundles along at walking speed and then, for no apparent reason, chokes off to the point where I lose connection. It’s never been an Olympic sprinter. Which makes hard work of something that should be pleasurable, and is one of the reasons I so frequently get behind in reading, liking, and commenting on your blogs – they take forever to load. Getting to WordPress for the Reader, Notifications, and Stats is also a slow business. I’m not famous for patience, and get a lot of growling practice (really, I do growl at vexing things) with all this going on.

So, as a reality check, does Beautiful Railway Bridge load in a timely fashion where you are? And how about WordPress? I need some sort of comparison. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Rumble Rumble Discontent…

  1. Ditto for Australia. But there are a few glitches I’ve noticed with WordPress and Twitter and I find it hard not to panic when things go wrong. Still, no real grouch. I just switch off and connect to the real world for a time. Look, the sky! 3D people!

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