Daily Photo Challenge: Millennium Ghosts Revisited

This is the one thing I didn’t photograph in Millennium Ghosts – there wasn’t enough light – and you may well wish I hadn’t bothered going back to finish the shoot. At the time, every town and village had its Millennium Circle, with a central standing stone to remind us of our Neolithic past.

This is Campbeltown’s contribution.

Millennium Ghosts Revisited #1

Pathetic, isn’t it? It’s not just the size, which completely fails to dominate or define the space around it, but the design (if such a word can be used in this context). It looks as if someone plonked a heap of industrial rubble in the centre and called it good. Here it is in the round.

Millennium Ghosts Revisited #2

Notice the suggestion of a seat – facing away from the loch! – with an empty space for an inscription. Apparently everyone was speechless.

Millennium Ghosts Revisited #3

Millennium Ghosts Revisited #4

And there you have it.

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