Daily Photo Challenge: Glasgow

I deleted yesterday’s post because it was only a lick and a promise, and I really wanted to do a proper photo essay. Don’t worry, the bridge photos are included in this set. Left Campbeltown on the 8:30 bus, arrived in Glasgow at 12:30, time enough for a walkabout in the afternoon before catching the bus back at 6:00.

Glasgow is rapidly replacing its fine old Victorian sandstone buildings with Modernist steel and glass. I think they should be preserving these buildings, renovating the interiors as they do in Paris, not tearing down what could be reused. The nice old hotel I stayed at when I first arrived has already gone in the rush to redevelopment.

I love the exuberance and confidence of the City Hall on George Square.

George Square is hosting a Winter Fair, with an ice rink and fairground rides, like this one.

Glasgow Central Station is a symphony in Victorian iron and glass.

Walking along the Clyde Embankment now. Here’s just one of the odd juxtapositions between modernity and left-over Victorian architecture.

Glasgow is a city famous for its radical politics, so it’s no surprise to find a memorial to the International Brigades, who defended the Spanish Republic against Franco’s uprising from 1936 to 1939.

Tiger Lucky Eight mural.

These two photos were in the deleted post. Beautiful footbridge of the silvery Clyde!

Leaving the Embankment now, walking up to the triumphal arch leading into Glasgow Green, the main park for central Glasgow.

Love the lion. A touch of Oz about him, don’t you think?

Into the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens. There’s a cafe in the conservatory where I sat down to an all-day breakfast. Then more photos.

Finally, with the light crumbling, a photo of the surreal Doulton Fountain.

A grand day out.

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