Visual Library Catalogue: Cloud Atlas

I bought Cloud Atlas recently at the Red Cross shop, for £1.50. My sister, Irene, lent it to me several years ago when I was visiting England from the US. I remember finding the book interesting, but it hasn’t stuck in my head like many books do. Now there’s a film out, a good time to read it again (before seeing the film). But mostly in memory of my sister, who died in 2009. The photo was taken when she won a short story award from Guildford Writers. Irene is bottom right.

2 thoughts on “Visual Library Catalogue: Cloud Atlas

  1. Writing is in the genes? Were your parents keen writers?
    After reading the links to the book and the film I will definitely put this one on my to buy list.

    • Irene was the closest thing I had to sister without being genetically related. It’s complicated. Neither my mum and dad were writers, and I don’t have a narrative bone in my body. I can write, but not fiction.

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