Daily Photo Challenge: Campbeltown Museum

This is the proper museum, housed in an iconic building designed by Scottish architect, John Burnet, in 1897. See this post for my pictures of the exterior. The Public Library used to be here until it moved to the Aqualibrium in 2006.

Campbeltown Museum is one room in the Burnet building, boasting not much space, but a fine fireplace and a glorious blue, white, and yellow ceiling. The exhibits are beautifully conserved and housed, and as crowded together as they are in the Heritage Centre, though much more genteelly. So there the same problems of getting a good enough angle to avoid reflections from the spotlights, or even to get an angle at all. I had nowhere near as much fun as in the Heritage Centre, with all the clutter and the pervasive smell of dry rot. I got a few decent photos of the exhibits, but today’s focus is on the ceiling, end window, and the amazing revolving door skylight. I’ll post further pictures later on, and probably make albums for both here and the Heritage Centre.

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