When You Find Out Who You Are

You might have noticed my fascination with images of rust, peeling paint, weathered stonework and so forth. Well, today I discovered I’m a zymoglyphile, according to the definition posted by the splendid Zymoglyphic Museum, edited to refer to a noun.

zy’-mo-glyph, n. [Gr. zyme leaven + Gr. glyphecarving]
1. Image of fermentation, specifically the solid residue of creative fermentation on natural objects.
2. Object, primarily either natural or weathered by natural forces, imbued with artistic or poetic connotations.

I’m chuffed pink to have found the proper name for my condition. It has a ring to it, don’t you think? Here are The Incredible String Band, to help celebrate at least finding the answer to what. Who is a little more complicated.

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