Daily Photo Challenge: Campbeltown Diorama

As promised, I was let in to Campbeltown Heritage Centre this morning, and spent a happy hour taking photos. So I’m spoilt for choice as to what to post today. That said, it wasn’t easy because the spotlights were on, and it’s difficult to get a good angle with all the exhibits getting in the way. The place is full to bursting. Nevertheless, I got some decent photos.

There is a brilliant diorama of the waterfront in about 1900, which I must share with you, despite the fact that sometimes lights are reflected in the glass display case, and so are the camera flashes. It was impossible to avoid them, given the location of the display case. So these are not my best photos, but I didn’t want to let vanity get in the way of posting this treat. Most of the buildings are still there, though the steam train is sadly long gone. Top to bottom = left to right = country to town centre. I’ll post more photos in the following days.

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