Daily Photo Challenge: Mangle

The Muse of Photographers (Marilyn Monroe) smiled on me today. Despite it being an overcast, rainy day, and not setting out until late afternoon when the light was crumbling, I found the perfect subject outside Campbeltown Heritage Centre.

Elizabeth Taylor came over while I was taking photos and struck up a conversation. Sounds like a Pete & Dud sketch, doesn’t it. Sorry, I can’t resist.

Rest assured, I am not seeing visions of dead film stars out of my cataracted eye. This Elizabeth Taylor is one of the Trustees of the Old School House, now the renovated Bunkhouse, which is adjacent. When I mentioned that I hadn’t been inside the Heritage Centre except for concerts, and it was now closed till April, she kindly offered to let me in when she and the other trustees are cleaning the Bunkhouse tomorrow morning.

So that was beautifully serendipitous. Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge will be photos from inside the building.

2 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Mangle

  1. I used to love watching Pete and Dud. I will use this clip in my blog later this week. Thank you. It is always good to have a good laugh. It is the best thing to keep you young apparently!

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