You either love it or hate it…

As everyone knows, vegemite is the Australian cousin of marmite, a delicious yeasty extract made from hops, perfect on toast or in soups, stews, and suchlike. I’ve not had the pleasure of tasting vegemite, but if it’s anything like marmite, then it must be brilliant.

Amanda Palmer has something to say about vegemite. You have to wonder if the lover in the song is none other than hubby, Neil Gaiman, who looks like a man who enjoys his marmite.

5 thoughts on “You either love it or hate it…

  1. It’s awful. It’s worse than awful. It’s ghastly, ghoulish, disgusting. And I have it on toast for breakfast two, three times, four times a week. God knows why but it’s not because I’m Australian – and the stuff is US-owned now anyway. Can’t someone come up with something, anything, to replace it? Do you have kipper paste over there?

    • Are you kidding, John? I watch you sit across the table and stuff your face with vegemite—’two, three times, four times a week’ (you got that right, anyway). I thought you liked it as much as I do! I can’t live without it. But then, I’m Australian and you’re Irish. Nuff said.

    • I sympathise. Marmite is so dreadful that I can’t keep my hands off the stuff. I remember fish paste (probably kipper) from when I was a kid. It came in very small pots, and there was never enough of it.

      • A timely discovery: yesterday at our local fish co-op Salty Seas at St Helens on tassie’s east coast, I was offered some sea urchin roe. It has a delicate, subtle taste of oysters – very nice indeed, but expensive. Are they harvested in Scotland?

      • I’ve not heard of them being harvested here. Mind you, Campbeltown is not a gourmet’s paradise – you need to go to the really picturesque towns or villages to find the sort of restaurants or shops that would sell them.

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