Daily Photo Challenge: Insane Autumn

My photo mojo is back! I mean the ability to look at something, find it interesting, and take an interesting photo of it. I’ve been mining older photos for a while now, sharpening them up a bit, and posting them. Yes, that involves a discriminating eye, and it’s surprising how many I thought were blah at the time, but I’m not breaking any new ground.

During my annual eye exam last week, the optician discovered a cataract in my right eye. Easy operation, just have to wait a while for the NHS to grind its gears. But sight has become something precious, easily lost, and perhaps that is why I’m looking at things with a new vision.

So my challenge from today until the End of the World (Mayan Style) on December 21, is to post a photo taken on that day, and say something about it in the post. Today was a good day, despite being overcast. I got some decent photos but it won’t always be like this. I’m tempting Fate, not to mention Scottish weather.

This tree grows, or perhaps survives given its condition, outside the Campbeltown Heritage Centre. I’ve taken many photos of this splendid building, and there’s a glimpse of it in one the photos, yet to my shame I’ve never been inside except for a few concerts during the Mull of Kintyre Music Festival. Too late now till next year, if I’m still here.

I’ve blathered enough: Insane Autumn.

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