WordPress is bad for my blood pressure

I spent a profane hour or so with the last post. It wasn’t difficult putting it together, but I had to fight to make the text black, something that occurs from time to time, and most recently with the Poetry Parnassus series. This theme – Twenty Eleven – only offers a wimpy grey text. I want a proper, assertive, black text, so I add a snippet of html that usually does the job without any trouble.

<div style=”color:black;”>text</div>

You can also specify different colours. It only needs to go in once, bracketing the whole post. This is the extent of my html knowledge, but I may need to learn more. I’m not sure why the Poetry Parnassus posts go doolally when I add this code, which propagates throughout the post and royally screws up the formatting. When I strip it out of the text panel, switching back to visual puts it all back in again. It took over an hour fiddling with the post, and almost jumping up and down with rage, before the problem resolved itself. By which time I was bleeding from the ears. The worst part is that I don’t know what I did that eventually fixed it.

Has anybody had this or a similar problem with WordPress? Looks like I’ll have learn html.

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