Economics in a nutshell.

Mel Rook & The 3 Higher Trainings

Can I have some of that?
Thank you.

You’re very nice.
No, I meant it as a compliment.
Didn’t it sound like a compliment?

Can I have some more?
Thank you.
Be careful though someone might try to take advantage of you.

Hey, why don’t we just split it 50/50?
Right down the middle.

How about I hold half of yours, put it with mine & you’ll always have some, you know, “in the bank”.

You know what?
Just let me hold all of yours and I’ll give you some when you need it, that way no one can steal yours.
I’ll keep it safe.

What’s that?
No no no no
You don’t need any of this.
It’s a crutch.
You’re fine without it.

You’re still here?
Still begging?

I see

Have some self-respect.
Go get your own you.

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